A Bigger Mathematical Picture for Computer Graphics

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Compare that to the response of the Geometric Algebra IK example on my page. There's no flips, jumps or unexpected behavior. The implementation contains not a single 'if' statement. This can only be done in GA, where for example lines always intersect (parallel lines intersect in infinity), where all elements and linear operators are of the same type, and where a true coordinate free (no .x .y or .z in my code ..) and chirality free (no left/right hand rule needed in GA), pay of in much easier formulas and much much shorter code. (and that's on top of the fact that many problems are near impossible to solve when working directly with matrices or eulers or take your pick .. )
Geometric Algebra should be a lot more popular than it is. But its inventor (Clifford) died at an early age, leaving room for Hamilton to advertise and push his vector algebra down everyone's throat .. it took 100 years for people to pick up GA again and it still hasn't gained the momentum it should. (just anecdotal, Maxwell's 4 famous equations reduce to a single compact, simple and readable equation when expressed within the framework of GA.)


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